Saturday, April 30, 2005

high octane moron: Revolving workflow strategies

I ran across the article below earlier in the week, and finally got around to playing with the idea a little bit last night:

high octane moron: Revolving workflow strategies

In classic hipster style, I decided to print myself up a deck of "daily strategy cards". I'm going to start playing with these as a means to quickly pick an organizing strategy to plan my work day.

I've played with and added to the list of strategies, and this is what I have in my "deck" so far:

Touch as many projects as possible: Keep things moving.

Lots of small tasks: Reduce the task list, work on low hanging fruit.

Newest First: Get things started.

Oldest First: Break through procrastination, maintain focus.

Goal driven: Keep your activity congruent with your goals.

Big chunks of time: Flow.

High Value: Avoid the urgency trap.

Most interesting: Stay engaged.

Most guilt inducing: Work through your blocks.

Squeaky Wheel

Any other ideas for work strategies?

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