Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Slacker Manager: Manager-chair philosopher

Brendon Connelly at Slacker Manager offers these thoughts about the importance of having a philosophy of leadership or management, and particularly about his own philosophy. The bottom line, he says, is this: "Model the behavior you're looking for and you'll start to see it".

I couldn't agree more, particularly when it comes to attitude. If you bring a negative attitude to your leadership style - if you focus on what not to do, or what is wrong with things, or why someone's idea can't work - that attitude will permeate the people around you. If instead, you "remove roadblocks", focus on what works - that will spread, too.

If you're stuck in a negative frame of mind, then take a minute to shift gears. Try saying to yourself (or to the person you're talking to): "Okay, those are some reasons this thing hasn't caught on yet. Let's think of some ways that we can make it work for us."

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